Friday, 16 June 2017

Inspired by J.K Rowling

Today I happen to read a lot about the lady behind the Harry Potter series. The lady who went through so many rough times in her life and at the end came up with a fantastic fantasy series for children.

Her life drastically reminds me to be a fighter in life. Life's greatest skill is to be an ardent fighter. The rough times you go through can attract a lot of negative things towards you but when you are completely over it, you start to win. And winning in itself is also not that easy. It even takes a lot of courage to face the reality in front of you.

And the message that she passes is that love is the greatest of all. You have love you have it all.

Even though it seems to be a beautiful concept do not get lost in it. Life has its challenges and you will have to work hard to meet your ends.

She says the most difficult times in her life has gifted her the most exciting gifts, like her daughter.
So every stage of life gives you something irrespective of whether it is bad or good.

She got the complete idea of writing the Harry Potter series while waiting for a delayed train. She says the complete story came gushing into her head and she couldn't stop her imagination. It was completely inside her head. Even now she says; even after her completing the entire series the characters still live in her head and she can keep writing many more series. But as of now, she has stopped the series just to get back and stop chasing.

She has become a multi- billionaire within a time of 6-7 years. All this she says she has never imagined; it all just happened. She never complains nor does she blame anyone who played badly in her life; instead she made a legacy which no other women have ever done in the history.

A wonderful fighter and a wonderful soul with a fabulous imagination of fantasy.
HATS OFF to her.