Sunday, 11 June 2017


The love and happiness that one gets by serving others is unexplainable. It is beyond words. The world at large lacks love. The love we give to the world can light the lives of many.

Although many have the inner call for humanitarian acts only few take steps to fulfill their call. One of the most inspiring philantropist I have read about and seen in my life is Mother Teresa. The light she gave to the people who were completely neglected by the society was so much of a divine act. When the modern society goes behind the media and social networking ; it can be taken as a good example as to how we should actually help our fellow-beings. It is by actually meeting them and letting them have their needs. Eventhough we have many in this preset world who knows to react through words and speech there is really very few who actually find a solution and try to mitigate the problem.

Serving others can be done in any field of life. During our everyday life we come across so many situations where we can help people around us.

The world is so much influenced by the modern ideologies of authoritarian acts and self praise. This culture of making oneself above others is being practised most frequently by us. Whether be it in jobs, instagram updates, facebook photos ; this trend can be increasingly observed. It has reached a point that not only the younger generation but the world as a whole is being trapped by the technology.

When actually technology and science emerged as a result of building the basic needs ; its now overriding our emotional requirements of love and care.