Friday, 3 March 2017

Thoughts- Steve Jobs and J.K Rowling

Here are some thoughts collected from the speeches of Steve Jobs and J.K Rowling at the speech given in Harvard University at the graduation ceremony.

1. Connecting the dots

In life we come across several situations most of which you do not understand why they are happening.Then the only thing you have to do is keep moving with trust and hope. The variety of things happening in your life might not seem useful at present; but as time moves on everything will reveal its true meaning.You can never connect the dots looking forward in life; only by looking backward you can actually connect the dots. You have to keep trusting in something. Believing that the  dots would connect somewhere down the road would give you the confidence to follow your path or karma.

2. Keep looking

Do great works in life. And great works are created by loving what you do. Keep looking. Do not settle. Any any beautiful relationship it will get better and better each day. So keep looking and do not settle for anything less. Find your life karma; your real passion.

3. Inner voice

The most important noise in your life is your inner voice. Do not let any other noise ground out your inner voice. Follow your heart and intuition ; they somehow already know what you want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Stay hungry,  stay foolish
-Steve Jobs

4. Failure is essential

It is impossible to live without failure. If you do not want to fail then you have to live so cautiously that you never fail at all. In which case you fail by default. Failure gives you the inner security that you never get by passing exams.You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift.

Failure means stripping away of the inessential.- J.K Rowling

Humility to know that life is difficult and failures are essential will enable you with sufficient tools with which you can survive happy and strong.

When people are very damaged they can often meet the world with a kind of defiance.- J.K Rowing