Thursday, 2 March 2017

Hold on

Sometimes in life it gets too difficult to hold on to a decision.
We keep swaying from our decisions not knowing what to choose. We find it difficult to understand people; not knowing what the truth is.
We are not able to decide.
The data that we get from our surroundings and friends are so much that we eventually are confused. Our decisions keep changing.

Holding on to a decision is very important.

The decisions that we make in our life mould or life. We should understand that each ones passions and decisions in life are different. So never look at someone and try being like them.

Everyone takes their own time to reach their goals.So take your time and move forward  with passion.
Take your own decisions and move with pride and happiness.

The confusion which you feel at some points in life must be dealt with carefully. It can sway you away from the truths and lead you in wrong ways.

Things will happen. Things you have not imagined might happen. Things that are good and bad.
People might utilise you and leave you.
People might not understand you.
Life can give you hard lessons.
Learn to take everything simple and easy.
Be humble. Be silent. Submit everything to the will of God; because his plans are great.
Some people enter your life. Some leave you creating everlasting happiness in you giving you wonderful memories.
Some just come for some reasons sometimes you yourself don't understand; and eventually they leave.
You are left with no memories no happiness. You give everything you have and get back just nothing. Its not that we expect something. But they don't even acknowledge the person we are. At the end you wonder why all that happened.

Life is this. It is the mixture of all this.
Never underestimate another person or play with their emotions. Because it hurts them.
Love can heal everything but to find true love is a gift. only some get it in life. And those of who have them are lucky.

At somepoints in life you reach at a dilemma...should I move forward ; eventhough you know you are in the wrong path; you dont listen and again move in the same direction. This can lead to a devastating end.
Once you have a doubt about whats going on; clear it and move forward. Do not move forward with doubts.
If you have to leave something then leave it and move on.
Initially this can seem hard and sometimes you feel yu are doing wrong ; but you have to hold on.You have to hold on to your decision. Only if you are consistent in your decision you can come out of it.The moment you look back and again repeat the same; you are pulled back to the same condition.
So once you decide ; no matter what happens you have to hold on to your decision and move out of it. It might take time and might pain; and can be doubtfull; but run out of it. Only if you move out ; you can explore the new levels of life.
You reach the next level.
If you fail at one level; doesnt mean you have to move down to the lower level; Instead move up and try the higher levels. Maybe you deserve the best.

Time can sometimes make you crazy. It sometimes just gives you nothing except hard lessons to learn. At the end if you hold on to your decisions and understand your self worth and if you keep moving forward you definitely deserve the best things in life.