Sunday, 12 February 2017

Finding your story

You are the hero and you should write your story. This makes your life.

Hi Hero!
In your story you are the central character and all others just have side roles. Its just a movie and the most interesting part is that you can play it the way you want. You can act anyways.

But to be a real hero you will have to go through some things in life. You have many characters playing by your side. You have to win over them by playing your part beautifully and distinctly.
You will have to go through all emotions and the hero always returns strong and happy. He is just a normal man; at some point realizing his abilities and going to achieve it.

How to be the real hero.

1. Live normal

A normal life can teach a lot of things. Be human. Be kind and loving. Be beautiful. Be happy. Be the beautiful being you are made to be. Enjoy life in all its essence.
Get hurt. Pick up and move on because getting hurt is a gift. If you do more meaningful stuff and if you fail; you are hurt and the pain is more. This pain creates the real beauty of life. Because God designs all of this. His master plan for us is incredible.
No one would have seen, heard or even thought of the great things that God has planned in our lives. His planning is just incredible.
The pain heals with time and it teaches us. It helps us in our future. All these are essential for our lives. Life should be a perfect combination of all kind of emotions. Any of this in excess or less can create an imbalance. Failures are same as success.  Both should be dealt in the same way. Both are important. Life not always gifts you all that you think; if you wait it just gives you more than you think.

2. Find your powers

Each man is born different and it will give great pleasure to accept each person the way they are. Because none of God's creation should be blamed. Every body and soul is divine with powerful energies. Our success depends on our understanding of our powers and the proper use of it. Life will throw opportunities to be made use of. All you need to do is find your powers and use it. Finding your energies is not an easy part. Not everyone finds it.
This can be found out only if you have a deep connection with yourself and with God.
You should find time for yourself; should meditate and pray daily. This gives us immense energies in our lives. You should leave back all our busy schedules and find time for this act. This act of mediation heals various parts of our life and has immense powers to build a strong character for you. It generates self-realisation.

3. Start your work

Anything that you wish to do should be started the moment you realise it. Start working towards the goal in Small steps. Every step must be taken with a lot of effort and dedication.
Give time for all your goals in your life. Find time for everything

4. Keep fit

A good mind rest in a healthy body. Keep yourself fit and happy. Physical health is very important aspect.

5. Accepting your situation

Once you have started your work; the journey is not going to be smooth. You will have to face a lot of things. Good and bad equally. Its all about how you face it. Accept both good and bad with an equal mindset. Because both are equally important. Embrace every situation. Never try to escape. face it. Take necessary actions. Protect yourself. protect your soul and body. If you think that something is not right for you; have the guts to leave. Because its important. Staying in something even after knowing that its not right will not help. This will result in a self-destructive act. So activate your shield. Face the reality and be the hero.
Fight the fights. Get hurt. Get back and fight again but finally win it. Win the fight. That is important.
Because hero always wins. And if he loses then lets comeback and fight the next fight.

6. Be genuine

However complicated is the situation you should have the guts to speak out the truth. Because in life truth is very important. Truth can hurt but it can heal eventually. Moving on a built-up lie is the worst thing one can do. True emotions will never be left unappreciated. Because those are the most beautiful moments in life. If you love someone speak out. Never matter if they love you back.Maybe you will get hurt. But it can be good for them. Because love is beautiful and it can fill hearts. It can heal and it can win. By loving someone you only give them confidence and life. So be ready to face it; because believe me it is not doing any harm. Getting rejected is fine; at least the reason remains to be a truth. Maybe in future, someone would love you more than what you have ever thought of. Life returns what you give. You give value to will return sometimes from the same person or else by this will comeback.
The truth is very precious and only some people are gifted with the power of speaking truth. Most of the people find it safe being fake and act. I never have understood the motive behind this. To whom are they doing any good. NOONE.  They just do not have the guts.

7. Use your instincts

Believe in your instincts and inner thoughts. The great power of connection with yourself will give you inner intuitions and power. It will enhance and empower you. Act on it. Act from your own thoughts and bring out wonderful results.

8. Play and win

Play your role with all the enthusiasm and power. Be confident and loving. Show your emotions and your power. Fight the fights and win the game. Make your story.

Love happily