Saturday, 11 February 2017

6 Things to experience in life

Life is the most beautiful gift that God has given us. There are some totally amazing things that God has created for our well-being. But in this busy life-style we miss out on all these. This is to give you some amazing ideas to find some super awesome ways to make life absolutely enjoyable.

Have you experienced these.

1. Deep sea dive and being under-water.

This is the most beautiful feeling. The beautiful silence under-water is life renewing.
Have you ever stared into the sky from under water - then you will keep on staring at the sky; because the combination of the silence under the water and the beauty all around is like super awesome. Its' the most beautiful feeling ever.

2. Skydiving

I have never done this; but I hope so i get a chance for it in the near future.
But as far as I have seen it is a dangerous and enjoyable adventure. It should be done with proper safety. The free fall will be just WHOAAA.... That will be great. At least once in life should we experience these.

3. Long drives

Drive through long empty roads with super scenery all-around. A long drive will be awesome in an open car especially with friends. That will be  super awesome. You will never feel like this road must end. You feel like keep going....

4. Mountain climbing

I have done this several times. And the happiest part of this is reaching the mountain top. You feel like the kind of the world. And the view from the top gives you the feeling of a winner. You see the world from high above. Everything looks tiny and you at the top. SUPERLIKE..


Moving away from home and camping in wonderful location is refreshing.
You make your own camp in the forest. Cook food. And having a night sleep staring at the sky. This would feel like so much connected with the nature. IT can refresh and bring back so much of energy back to your soul.

6. Cycling tour

Cycling with friends is both adventurous and enjoyable. We can move through inaccessible areas and regions; see the beauty and enjoy ourselves. The act of cycling can bring a lot a happiness and life.