Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Opening the third eye

There is always a mystery in every aspect of life. To find this your can use your in-built senses. The pineal gland, a small gland of the size of pea located in the centre of the brain plays a key role to connect to the infinite world in front of us.

 These mysterious glands need to be activated. The stimulation of these needs need proper lifestyle and food. Only under proper care can these glands can do their function. In today's world we find little use for this gland.
Since our food habits are getting worse and our lifestyle is not proper. A live in a 24 hour active world. Our body is designed to work along with the nature. The body needs to wake up early and go to bed at the right time. Proper diets have to be allowed to cleanse our body of all the toxins.

1.Proper diet

Proper diet may be considered to be a vegetarian diet. The vegetables and fruits that we eat needs to be pure. Many foods that we eat today are filled with mucous or are acidic in nature. This can affect the working of various glands in the body.
 A change in diet can result in increased vibration of the body.
An alkaline based diet is preferable or maintaining a healthy body. Changing to a vegan diet might be perfect.

2. Reduce the fluoride in the food.

All substances containing fluoride must be avoided from diet. Even fluoride free toothpaste must be used. Fluoride can calcify the pineal gland. The pineal gland structure is similar to that's of the rods and cones present in the retina. Hence this gland can be considered as the inner eye. Fluoride tightens the interior of the gland hence hindering its function.
Hence say no to fluoride

3. Find time for yourself

The entire universe the nature everything grows itself in silence. The silence and alone time is required for every being in the universe.The lone time you should be more able to connect with the infinite world around. It activates the pineal gland and release the melatonin This helps in controlling various factors of life-cycle. With the onset of electricity; the lights and sound play a major role in our life, Life is almost considered impossible without electricity. But this has resulted in mental imbalances, connection to our soul and the infinite knowledge within our self. Sometime in darkness with candle lights can soothe your mind and soul.

4. Embrace light and darkness

It is important that you find yourself enough time in the light and in the darkness. The sunlight is a source of energy and the morning sunlight can give you vitamins and energy. The darkness is equally important. It is important that we find a beautiful connection and beauty of both of these.  Feeling the morning sun can feel magnificent. Similarly looking at the night sky is very refreshing and beautiful for our soul.

5. Find time in the nature.

 We human beings busy going behind so many things and getting busy with the lifestyles find the least time to be spent in the nature. Nature gives life; so it's very important to find time to gain energy from it. We are day-by-day getting disconnected from the nature.

6. Yoga and exercise.

Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with ourselves. It activates various regions of our body and can open up our soul to the mysterious outer world. We can find peace with ourselves. We gain our energy, health and inner peace. It helps to activate the pineal gland. Once there is constant flow of energy in our body we find it easy to connect to the third world.

7.Understand our powers

Once the pineal gland is activated we understand our true self and can connect with the things around us in a more healthy way. Man-made laws have enslaved us in a world that is fake. There are so  many real things going around the world. Find it and move on.

Thanks. Enjoy your soul.

See the big picture

Life is always happening. Sometimes its all good; but other times its all difficult.
Life can be viewed in different perspectives.
It will become more clear only in the big picture.
But seeing the big picture is not see.
What if we had the ability to see the future; then it can either  be tension filled or happy depending on the ending. But life is not so designed.
Its all based on the law of attraction. If you are something then you attract the same. But do you see in life; somethings happen that we have never even thought of. So how can we say that we are attracting it. We are actually  attracting the end outcome of the situation you are going through now. We may not actually attract the situations that we are in; but these may lead to some outcome that we badly wanted.

The Law of attraction is the main law of the universe. Every aspect of it; physical or mental; follows this law.

Life is a spiral game. We can either get trapped in the spiral of happiness or sadness. If your childhood experiences were unhappy then you become sad; hence you attract sadness; sad thoughts and life moves on with this trauma. To get out of this trap we have to use our energies and come out and start to feel free and happy. You have to create yourself by changing yourself. This is not an easy one. It takes a lot of energy to do that.

Everything that is happening is supposed to happen which is a freaking genius way of thing. Why?
Because it is actually happening.
Excessive control over ones life is damaging and threatening to oneself.

Something that is hard and difficult in temporal self can have great happiness and rewards in the higher self.

Sometimes you get into situations which you don't now to handle. You experience new ordeals and difficulties. You start searching for ways to get out of it. You try to find your faults. Why did this happen? You keep searching but you end up with no answers. Sometimes the real truth is that all that you are searching for is just in a packet that is labelled unwanted in your brain. Brain never processes this area. Its like a frog trapped in a dried uP well. It thinks that its inside a place from where it can never get out. He never sees the chance of getting out. But the real way can be found by looking up and the way out is just there. Similarly we get trapped often not knowing the way out.

When you go through a difficult situation you either end up in either of these two ways:

1. Either a complete healing occurs

You discover your faults and completely heal yourself.

2. Or you become aware that this stage of life is completely important and is just perfect

Thanks and have a wonderful day.