Saturday, 4 February 2017

Is being rich spiritual?

Have you ever felt guilty of the thought that you want money.
Money is nothing unspiritual.
Only if you are gifted and spiritual internally you can get ways to get money. As long as you feel achievement, fulfillment and content its absolutely fine.

Here are some reasons why money is spiritual.

1. You feel achievement

When you get paid for a job, what do you feel? Atlast I got the reward. It feels happy. It gives you something with which you can find use in life.

2. You promote others

When you get money, you can spent it. When you spent your money you help others. You buy a jewellery, then its helping them. You buy a flat then its promoting their business. You buy grocery then you provide an income for the grocery man. In small sclae or large scale you give benefit to the society. You give them a way of living.

3. It brings contentment

It brings a feeling of contentment and satisfaction if you are getting rich by doing something you absolutely love. When you get paid for being happy and content; then its a double bonus. You are never tired; you never want to quit the job. You would love your life.

4. You get freedom 

You atlast get the freedom of choice. Earlier you had to have the permission of others to get you something. To buy somethings you love you didn't have sufficient money. Now its all about you. You decide, you buy. You create your income and now you have the right to choose the perfect things for you. Freedom is always something to cherish on. Its the greatest gifts.

6. You can use it for a better purpose

The way you use your money all depends on you. You could give it to charity; you could increase the income of your maid, you could help a child to study. There are plenty of ways in which your struggle and the money you made can serve for a greater purpose in the society.

7. Money creates abundance

Money brings with it abundance. It brings out the infinite abundance in you spiritually and physically. It helps you grow in your confidence, your love life, your family, your children. It creates abundance and happiness in your family.

8.Live complete life

Spirituality is about growth. Once you have a job you love and an income earned through it; then you will be the most happy person. You will be able to fulfill any of your wishes. You can bring completeness into your life. When you are happy yourself then you can help others too.
Money is not the answer to everything; but the immense opportunities that it brings along is incredible. The experiences you gain through it would be great.

Money brings neutrality. It can be good or bad. But having money can never be a negative. If you feel so then you have the complete right to give away your entire savings for a better purpose. This act would again be spiritual. The wanting for money; the need to become rich is a quality where you would like to explore your  talents and bring out the best in you and share it to the world and get paid by the world.

If money brings with it all the spiritual well-being for a person; then how come money is not spiritual?