Friday, 3 February 2017

10 Things that nobody would ever tell you

Somethings in life are never told to you. You should always learn it the hard way. You are grown up from childhood by your parents. Your parents always wants you to be happy and they never tell some real truths with you. Not only your parents; neither your friends speak to you about the rough situations they had to handle in life. So basically you grow up in life feeling that everything will be nice and good. Here iam going to share some secret thoughts that nobody would ever dare to tell you.

1. Do not believe all that you see

What you see all around yourself is not the actual truth. There is always a behind the screen story going on in everyones life. The person you see smiling might not be a happy person. The person you see crying might not be someone who is really sad. The person you see talking and enjoying with friends might not be really enjoying. So nothing in this world is predicatable. To understand anything in this world it takes time.No sudden conclusions can be true.

2. People exploit

People can go to any extent to gain a living for themselves. People can cheat you in different ways. Most of the time you can be saved from this by using your discernment. World is filled with all kinds of people and you should be armed with your own receptors to protect yourself. Not all the time you will be able to detect; but to an extent everything can be controlled.

3. Problems never end

Have your ever felt......Atlast it's over. Nothing in life stops. Obstacles and problems come one after the other. Never sit back and rest. Be ready to face one after the other. With your abilities learn lessons from each of your troubles.Its all a part of the training given by nature to become a better version of yourself. Sharpen your strengths and abilities with it.

4. People fear unknown

People always find it safe to move in the paths of already successfull people. Nothing new in this world is considered to be safe. To establish yourself with some new ideas; you should not fear the unknown.

5.Optimistic is not all that you need

Being positive always doesnt help. Built up authenticity. Be real and show your real emotions. Do not burden yourself with past experiences. Sometimes if you feel so down and negative about the situation its all fine. Everyone feels it. All you need is to find energy to keep moving in life. Accept everything as a part of life.

6. Seriousness doesnt help

Being a perfectionist and showing your seriousness and diplomacy doesnt always help. Seriousness basically doesnt do any good except that people would find you unapproachable. Serious people never get anything done. Give yourself a little credit. Relax youself and fell easy.

7.All friends are not true

Not all friends are true. In your life you might meet several people. You might make several friends. But not all that is going to remain. Only very few can be your precious ones. If you have those precious friends in life then you are probably the most lucky. Because not everyone finds such people in life.

8.Do not always listen

From your childhood, you are always taught to listen to your elders, to friends and most of them around you. People expect you to listen to what they have to say. Always have a filter in your brain. You should hear what they are saying; but if it doesnt resonate with you then just filter it out. You are the one who knows you. Each person might have different experiences about the same situation. Its totally about their view. Probably that need not be true in our life. Things can happen any ways. Chances for different things happening to different people are never the same.

9.Security is not what you need

After you have completed all your studies; probably the next step would be to get into a secure job. A job that pays you well and takes care of you life-long. If your passion lies in that job then its the best. If else; its not a good choice for you. Safety is just one factor. You will be safe in a desert. Nobody would come to harm you. But will you be happy there? No. So go for the lifestyle that makes you comfortable. Safety would come along with it.

10.Everything requires time

Nothing that is inspiring happens sudden. The most happiest and beautiful situations in life take time. The beginning of these ventures might always be dark. Never expect immediate results if you are expecting something really wonderful. Nature itself shows this fact in several ways. take the case of an oyster; the birth of a baby; the creation of a pebble; the formation of a waterfall. Nothing is a sudden phenomenon.

Hope you found this read interesting.

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Top 10 secrets of rich people

Why is that not everyone is rich. Being rich in essence means doing what you love.

Here are top 10 secrets of rich people.

1. Never do a job

Create a job for youself by doing what you love. Do not do a job. Make your lifestyle an income. Make your passion your lifestyle. You become the job instead of doing it. Do a job you are sure you will be able to do forever. Entrepreneurs keep working because they love what they do. They never quit.
Have a rich mindset and long-term goals. Life is not all about security. Life is all about its essense and how much you enjoy it.

2. Do not follow the crowd

The first option in your mind inorder to gain an income would be to do what someone else is already doing. Without looking at your passions you jumb into this. Atlast you are trapped in the job. You feel like if you quit you will be lost into the world of unemployed and if you stay in that job you feel frustrated and trapped.
Following the crowd never makes you rich - rich inside and outside. Maybe you might get rich in others view but you might be frustrated inside. Why live such a life??

3. Buy the Freedom ticket

Have the freedom of the choice to choose. Rich people know what they are worthy of and they have an abundant mindset.

4.  Health is wealth

Eat like a millionaire. Feel the abundance of life with the food you eat. Keep yourself physically fit. This will give you the energy to live your dreams. Be lively and energetic.

5. Harness your ideas

Ideas are unique. Ponder on your ideas. Read on matters relating to your area of interest. Widen your knowledge, understand the present scenario and the ways to implement your ideas successfully.
Your work should be a legacy that leaves everyone around you benefit from it. Remain forever.

6. I had lots of bad times

Rich people never discuss about their greatest challenges. They find ways to gain energy from each situation and move forward with greater power and inspiration. They always know that they deserve the best.

7. Money is neither good/bad

Money should not be the aim. Money should be the by-product of your energy you put to do things that you love.

8. Have something that noone else has

They are unique. Each man is unique. Rarely, only some people realize it. Once you realize, you can never settle for anything less than your worth. Share to the world that unique special gift that only you have. Give the world and world will return it in many forms. Show your care and get the love and vice-versa.

9. Ignore everyone

Be in the limelight. Noone is going to completely support you in your new venture. Give yourself to your dreams. Plan it and work it out. Discover yourself and listen to your own intuitions. It is the worlds best counsellor than anyone else.

10. Everything comes back

When you do from your true instincts; the world pays you back. It is the law of nature.

Thanks all for reading.

Be rich in all aspects of life. Live your passions.