Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How to get a job that you love?

In todays world, everyone needs to have a job. But what kind of job should we choose? Should we try hard and get a job that makes us secure life-long or a job that is highly paid; that makes us super rich.

And of these kind of jobs will be difficult to get. It will be aspired by many. The competition might be high. Should we join the competition?

Life is designed by Almighty for us to find our path in life. We can totally choose. God never wants us to be frustrated and rich. He wants us to be happy and content with what we have. It doesnt mean we have to work hard. If your job takes away your happiness and aesthetic sense from your life. Then probably quitting will be a better option.

Everyone has a dream job. For every venture there is a beginning. Beginning might not be strong. But, it is you who build your career. Never be stagnant. Grow each moment. Money will come to you when you give your life to it. And you should be happy.

So donot jump into jobs that does not make you happy.

Instead do the job that creates happiness inside you. Start from the scratch and progress.
You will be happy that you created you.

The first step to it is Preparing yourself.

1. Preparation

Whatever you are presently waiting for in your life: the first step to it is preparing yourself.
Start imagining the situations.
Have a picture.
Create in your mind a huge space to accept what you are waiting for in your life.

When you prepare yourself completely, then you can receive it in the most beautiful way possible. Everyone receives; but not all feels and understand the real worth of their gifts in life.

The next step is to take advantage of the situation

2. Take Advantage

You might be in a stage of life where you face so many problems and of course there might be so many other things too...
But what if you can change all there problems into your advantage. What if you have the power to take control of your emotions and train it in the way you want or the way which suits you the best.

All these powers are given to us. Probably we are not taught in neither your schools, colleges or even at your home on how to achieve this.

For achieving this you must first concentrate on what you want.

Concentrate on your requirements and find ways to fulfill it.

The nature has its role; but you even have the ability to take control of the nature or what you believe is your fate.

There is nothing as a planned life. Life is a huge platform of opportunities. There will always be something that you will fall into, That can either be as per your wish or can be an act of nature, an act of chance.
The chance factor can never be neglected. There is always a chance for something or the other to happen in this world. So, if you do not act, chance will give you its gift.
The plan is in our hands. The plan to give your life to chance or the plan to shape your life on your own way.

The final step to be ready to face anything. Face it

3. Face it

Nothing can be achieved easy; especially the things that you love. So be ready to face it.Find solutions and keep moving

Have a wonderful life and wish you a happy day. God bless.