Thursday, 26 January 2017


How many kinds of emotions does mankind have?

How many do we actually express freely?

What is the expression that everyone badly wants?

Nomatter wherever you look, you see everyone around you to be happy. Everyone seems to be enjoying life.

Now it seems like happiness is the only decent expression. All the other feelings are not to be shared. Why is it so? In this world, the social media makes it even worse. It creates the fake illusion that world is full of happiness.

Nobody puts a status as I failed in an interview or I lost. Everyone all around the globe are behind success and a way to flaunt them.

But the bare reality is that 99% of the population is just happy only for a very few reasons. There are 1000 reasons that make them insecure and unhappy.

But since these feelings cannot be shown in public; it creates the fake illusion that world is full of happiness.

Everyone should take a few time, wherever you are your job, class or travelling - take some time to know the people around. Talk with them. Share your true feelings and experiences. Help out people. Comfort and love each other.

Life is not a winning game or happy game.

It is the beautiful mix of all emotions that makes life wonderful. Share true feelings and spread true emotions.

So always keep connected with the surroundings.
Life is always a replay of situations. The situation you are going through right now in your life should have happened to millions of other people who lived here before.

So, when you face situations and find it too difficult to deal with; feel free to connect. Connect with people going through same situations. Share your experiences.

The lack of true friendship or the lack of time to connect with your friends is a big mistake. We live in a world where it has become so easy to keep connected. But why is everyone feeling alone.
The main problem comes when everyone  keeps their life to themselves. If your life story and experience can help others in any way; then find time to share.

Meet people, talk and feel connected.

This can create wonders in your life. It can bring true friendships and love into your life. Find happiness; find life.

Love you all. Happy day :)