Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mankind - his aim


We live our entire life searching for our aim in life. There are lot of questions that comes in the mind of a man during his lifetime. What is my life purpose? Who will be my perfect partner? What should I make of my children? Where should I settle?

And all these questions would have different answers depending on the situations which you are going through. Decisions might change often.

God in the old testament revealed his plans to people by direct communication in some form of energy; fire, voice etc.
But do we still have this kind of a communication with God so that he can reveal his plans for us. I don't know about this.
We can surely have a constant communication with God with constant meditation and prayer. Always knowing his plans for us.

Is it God that is talking to us or is it our inner conscience; our mind itself; now this also has no proof; maybe the answer is that at a shallow level of meditation it might be our conscience that is communicating with us but at a deeper level it might be the creator; the one who knows all about us; that is talking  to us.

So in order to communicate with God probably the first step is communicating with our self which gives a lot of happiness and life into our life. Probably this is what that is done through yoga and various other practices. And at a deeper level this can lead to the communication with the creator himself. Probably we could ask and receive the answers directly.

If God wants us to communicate with us, then why do u think he made this process so difficult.

This is Gods way...and this is the easiest and the most beautiful way of communication. He  has given us time for doing this in our  lives. Probably we miss out on this time.

By having this beautiful relation with God; you will find your life path. He never would want us to be frustrated and unhappy. He would want us to be happy and content.

Now the question arises then why has good made everything difficult. It is said "The road to success is difficult."

So does God really want us to go through all these difficult times to achieve success. Yes?
Why? Why would God want us to suffer so badly that we might be successful? Why would God want us to be in trouble and be unhappy?

God never wants us to be unhappy. There might be many situations in which you fell sad; but there will always be something good ahead of that. The struggle you are going through  would be rewarded. The only understanding you need to have is that God has the perfect timing for everything.

He would make it all possible at the time it has to be. Patience and belief is what you only need.

Have a wonderful day.