Sunday, 22 January 2017

Gods plan

I know there are millions out there who is confused about what is it that you are made for into this beautiful world. Looking around I see the wonderful nature into which i was born, but I pretty much do not know what I am supposed to be doing to be happy.

I would like to express some of my thoughts here. When I think of life, I feel that God made us or send us to this world to live and be happy and content; but of course there will be despair and sadness down the road.
God have thought of destroying this world, but he always changed his decisions because he truly loved something in this world; that he always changes his plan. He gave us the wonderful rainbow in promise that he will never destroy us.


God made man and women.All my life I always wondered why always women was blamed for all the sins. Bible too begins with that; but I have never felt that a creator would deliberately make one of his creation bad than the other that too the second creation; ofcourse he would have made it better.

First of all to begin with, the bible doesn't mention the entire things in history in detail; but just enough information for us to understand. In the very beginning God created man and women. And women was his second creation made from Adams ribs to be his companion. And with the creation of women he stopped his creation; because she was the peak of his creation. And on the next day on; from the creation of women God went to rest. He gave the entire duty of creation to women.

Hence after creating women he warned Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge. But Satan came in the form of snake tempting them to eat from the tree of knowledge. Pretty much the snake could have gone to the man or women but apparently the snake first approached the women and tempted her to sin. The women fell for it and ate the fruit and gave it to the man. Now how many of you think if the snake would have approached the man and he would have said a no. Anyways this would have happened. And in this male dominated world everything is analysed, written and practised from male point of view.
Creation in itself is beautiful and there is beauty of equality with which God created this world. Everything is balanced. When man ceases to understand this he becomes the destroyer of the universe.

The very balance with which  God created man and women is the most beautiful part of creation.
After eating from the tree of knowledge the brain got the ability to understand good and evil which was no at all a plan of God. God never wanted his creation to understand good and evil; what this proves basically is there is no good and evil; that is confusing and anyone who have read Immortals of Meluha will be quite acquainted with this knowledge; of perfect understanding that nothing in this world can be grouped into good or bad..

God just wanted man to be happy; nothing evil and nothing good.
As man ate from the tree of knowledge his brain expanded i.e; the part of brain that understands good and evil was formed i.e; cerebrum ; the largest part of human brain was formed. This made the head larger than the body in size and hence naturally the birth process became difficult for women compared to the other creatures. Hence man had knowledge which was not at all necessary for man to live. When man had knowledge now; the entire scenario changed - man had to work hard ...women had to conceive and give birth..
Both man and women were equally punished; if women was the sinner; then why did God punish man?Both were equally sinners.

Hence man and women now became shy and there were a lot of changes in the way they lived. They lived reproduced and as predicted there was good and evil in this world.
There were generations ..and among them were Gods chosen people...whom he used to fulfil his plan...moses , david, noah, abraham, issac, jacob...and many more.
God tested his chosen people, purified them and executed his plans through them. In the Bible not everyone who lived in that era is mentioned; but a few are mentioned; it would be good if we had account of all. That would be a great knowledge; thank god we have at least this much account of everything which gives us the understanding that life has always been difficult from them. People searching for their purpose, living life, having difficulties, sickness , disease and all kinds of happiness and sadness were mixed in the world.

Every living creature has been living in this world from the creation struggling through life through happiness and sadness.
Each era of life being different from the other with its own good and bad. As a matter of fact every era is said to be worse than the other as elder people is always said to be better before.
And the Bible itself proves that in the end world will be filled with sin. So everyone believes so that sin is increasing every passing day and man is totally returning back to the stage when he has no ability to distinguish between good and evil; maybe the effect of the fruit from the tree of knowledge is lost and maybe that's the reason so many things that were considered to be sin is no more considered to be one.
The way people think is also changing day by day.
The very first thought that came to Adam and Eves mind after eating from the tree of knowledge was shyness..
And isn't it true that its gradually going away in each era people feel okay with almost anything they think everything is okay.
Back in the years mentioned in the bible so many things were a taboo man created rules that  made good and bad.
man defined what is good and what is bad for himself thereby oppressing himself and blocking himself from so many things.
Maybe the fruit has lost its purpose and maybe world will be filled with so called sin that man created through Satan.And why is not said anywhere, that world will be filled with good; maybe because man categorised good and bad as things that were tough and easy.
Everything that made man happy and was easy to do was categorised to be sin And all that were difficult and struggle was made to be good.

God never wants man to struggle. He doesn't want life to be difficult. And he never wants man to live in a world were he has to struggle to find happiness that would probably be a world that Satan needs.

God so loved the world that he send his only begotten son to this world.

Jesus came to this world. What message did he live through his life. He died for our sins on the cross. He died because of our rules.Our rules that categorise good and evil. The very rules that categorise good and evil killed the son of God if so then who do u think is going to sustain.
God lived his life teaching, preaching, healing and loving.
In the world of God there is only one category and that is goodness love happiness joy.

Jesus always spoke against that category of people who were considered to be good in the society. It is those very people who crucified him on the cross. He always chose those people who were weak, alone, untalented and neglected from society. He always spoke to such people. He chose such men to be his disciples.
He never chose any rules; he believed in love happiness and healing.
 God probably wanted only goodness in this world.

Is it the division between good and bad was that created through the fruit of knowledge ..
or is the evil itself that was created through the fruit (Please feel free to pass your comments on this topic)

If it was the distinction between good and bad that was created then probably before eating the fruit everything that one does would be correct or good including eating the fruit. Eating the fruit cannot be considered an evil act as man didn't know what was good and bad until he ate the fruit.

If it was the evil itself that was created into this world through the fruit, then if at all we never ate the fruit, then life would be all good no despair, unhappiness, murder, greed etc. Then it can be said that all these feelings were introduced into this world through the fruit. Life would have been so much better.
Just imagine

Which among the above two ideas would have been true.. I hope the second one; If it was the first idea. Then whatever is happening today would have happened even after eating the fruit but the only difference would be we would be unaware, just like animals. But do animals have all these feelings of anger, unhappiness etc.

That would be a yes. They have.Anyone having pets at home would know it. They do have all this. But dont have the feeling that they are doing good or evil.
So without the fruit we would be just like animals.
So practically looking at the scenario the first idea would be correct.
Good and evil existed..but man would never have any idea whether he is doing good or bad; no matter what you do; you will never be a sinner.

How nice! no matter whatever you do you will never be a sinner. That is so nice of god to create entire universe including mankind on this concept. Life would have been so simple.

If Jesus died on the cross for our sins then probably the idea is that he do not want the mankind to be punished for his/her sins. God just wants everyone to be happy and in love. God wants us to connect with the creator, talk with him and  wants us to love our life and never be in despair and depression; which half of the population is suffering now.