Thursday, 29 June 2017


Every day we hear thousands of debates in the tv channels collecting opinions of different people regarding a subject that is at present of most import.
Does this really have an impact on the society or is it that the people are in utter confusion on what the truth is. The reality is most of the channels are biased and in order to reach at a logical conclusion we should know the particular records of each channel and the party that it supports so that we can have a realistic opinion.
In this world of high-speed information exchange, it is very important that we keep updated with the daily affairs.

So instead of seeing these confused opinions, it is important that we go deep into any data and try to find the surroundings in which it happens and the reasons that led to it. As far as the news reporters are concerned they can take any statement and overanalyse it creating problems which ultimately loses to address the main issue. Hence in the present scenario, it is very important that we use our reasoning and logical abilities to understand any situation at hand instead of blindly following anything that you see or read. Have the mind of a researcher and analyse each issue with your intellect rather than falling prey to sudden response.

This also concerns about the social media that almost all people around the world at least scroll through ones in a day. The memes are quite attractive and it can easily get our attention since it is easy to comprehend as most of it comes with an interesting picture on it. It is very important that we critically analyse each issue instead of creating a false belief in whatever you see and read.



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